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NEVER Records is a sound and visual art installation by New York artist Ted Riederer, which takes the form of an imaginary record label complete with record shop, recording studio and vinyl cutting lathe.
     It involves the travel and temporary 'set up of shop' in an empty space and inviting the creative community to come in and record their sound, music or story to be cut straight away to record using a vinyl lathe. Participants are also invited to design their own record covers onto unique sleeves which Ted has created for each venture. 
     One vinyl copy and a digital sound recording is then given to the performer and one vinyl copy is retained by NEVER records for the shop 'catalogue' and expanding archive. No further copies are made and the performer retains all rights to the material to use as they then wish. Sounds good heh!! ... 


"From New York to Liverpool to Derry to London to New Orleans .... "


In May 2011, Ted took NEVER Records to the Context Gallery,Derry in Northern Ireland and recorded over 60 artists in two weeks. Together with photographer Jason Wyche they have created a film of the whole experience to be premiered this year in Derry

"NEVER Records ~ 
You are not listening"
(Film Trailer 2013)

An artwork by Ted Riederer
A film by Jason Wyche

... oh one more important name here ...

First Vinyl Cuts ...

Following an initial exhibition, early 2010, in the old Tower Records store in New York, and then a last minute mission to Germany to collect the custom built vinyl lathe he had tracked down, Ted rolled up in Liverpool in Sept. 2010 ready for business. With an installation planned at the Binary cell building at 40 Seel Street, as part of the Biennial season, this would be the first mass record cutting experiment Ted would embark upon.

It was in a live music bar around the corner that we crossed paths by chance, Ted recording a live band upstairs and me recording some tunes downstairs in the studio there with my mate Simon. I had heard that 'some dude from NYC' was in town, recording to vinyl and had all kinds of amazing images of what it might be about. Another friend working there, Adam, introduced us and Ted invited us down that night to the studio/shop he had just finished building to check it out, see the lathe and set up a recording session a few days later.

 I feel very humbled & lucky to have had this chance encounter and this moment ... to cut some vinyl of my own ... its a dream come true! ... and for all that it has inspired since ... new friends, new places, new scenes ... new adventures, new sounds ... 

  ... to NEW ORLEANS !!! ...

spice routes.mp3

Well, theres just too much to say about this one in this short space. For myself, it was a lifelong dream to make to to New Orleans, and finally having a reason strong enough to focus the trip, it didn't disappoint, with my only regret not figuring a way to  stay longer.

I made it there for the last two weeks of Teds 4 week stint, along with Conor O'Kane from Derry, who i'd met in London too. By this time Ted had already recorded and cut 60 records for local artists ranging from solo acts to all range of bands and musical outfits. He went on to record and cut about 130 records in the end, and was non-stop from 10 - 12 everyday, squeezing in and fighting off last minute demand from bands not quick enough to sign up in advance.

For me, asides from the personal experiences i had hooking up with good friends made, with recording with Ted in the studio and Jason by the Mississippi, and playing live around town and on Sam's WWOZ radio show with Conor through the wee-wee hours, the best thing about this whole time was the people, individuals and musical community that took to Teds project so readily, getting involved, showing welcome to us all as visitors, and all round helping to make this outing the most successful it could be.

This all culminated throughout the final weekend magnificently with a series of escalating street jams outside the NEVER Records shop catalysed by a trio of travelling musicians from Toulouse and building up to there being about 40 of us all singing along and joining in on any instrument at hand, to spontaneous incantations of dance and song, and finalising with a group rendition of 'I'll fly Away' to see us on our way the next day ... So Joyful!!!!

 OCT 6th - NOV 5th

Jonathon Ferrera Gallery, 


For more on here and beyond , go to ... NEVER RECORDS WEBSITE


... To new friends made, i'll never forget you New Orleans and hope to be lucky to return again, very soon ...

... to Back Home ...

... London to the Midlands ...

Easy Days.mp3

TONE STACKS ~ Easy Days (King/Hutchinson)

 (recorded at NEVER Records-London- 22 Sept. 2011)

          S.J @ NEVER London 21/09/2011


"Deep thoughts on/in London Town" (photo -J.Wyche )

For me, its interesting the passing of time with such fruitful activity, each new step made, i feel eventually leads to its own moment of completion just a little further along the line. As when the phonograph arm is gently placed onto a vinyl disc, it eventually gets to the centre and the end of the side. Turn the disc over for Side Two and the same process begins and ends. No matter how many times the disc is played its always a different experience to the listener because its just one course of action within the greater movements happening and they are always circling too making the response to the sounds fresh each time.

However, the essence to the sounds, or it could be said 'the soul within the sound', I believe is timeless. Those precious moments of sound captured in a recording session and put onto vinyl is laid down for eternity to hear and always rings the same from beneath the notes. There is no mystery to this in itself, unless it is missed that the sounds made come from the essence of the people making them or from life itself, and the spontaneity of nature colluding and colliding in making them. It is within the stories of such things and movements of people in time leading to these sounds being made that I feel is ultimately the point of seeking to understand such journeys whilst also remaining infinitely mysterious and wonderful too in its immediate effect.

I feel friendships have much in common with this idea too, as they are based on a soul connection in all cases  even without getting deep about it. Above, on the music  player are two sound Midland lads who i've known since way back, in their recording at London Never Records. Now having returned full cycle to the Midlands again, coming down to London to record myself was a great opportunity to catch up with them again, and they very kindly put me up for a week giving me a great chance to take part in Ted's latest venture but also to share some great times with them too. On this most recent venture to  New Orleans, we caught up too on the way out, and writing this i'm looking forward to when we can catch up again.

"Death Don't Have No Mercy" (photo-ted riederer)

I left the Midlands where I grew up back in '97 to move to London, and  left London to move to Liverpool in 2006 via a few years stint in Winchester. Returning to record in London with Ted this time round, i felt significant as much as with the recent passing of my father , bringing end to his journey in this life, it also reflected a conclusion or perhaps end of  'Side One' in my own. It marked conclusion to Teds initial cycle of recording, that being the U.K sessions before a jump Stateside to New Orleans for the subsequent trip a year later, and with this we saw fit and a good idea to issue the recordings we had done together on a Limited series of 10 Vinyl L.P's.

With all this in mind and as a focal point considering the themes i experienced throughout my own journey to this point, we decided to aim for the 11th November 2011 as a release date, as much as a point of action as also a point of rememberence and also resolution. this worked out well, also with this theme and the others throughout contributing to the title (11.11.11) and the artwork* and as much to reflect this as an end point before new beginnings i structured the tracks in backward chronological order.

london - derry - liverpool

This seemed fitting as I consider Liverpool as the town where i found my artistic identity, and also where NEVER records found its feet too, therefore the album reflected to a part both of our journeys back to that initial moment we met in the Liverpool bar 2 years previous.

" NEVER Records Ltd Ed. vinyl release ~ 11.11.11 " - (photo J.Wyche)

 * (the ring and compass belonged to my Dad, and after clearing his house I had them in a pocket of the coat I left in Derry. Over this time Ted kindly took great care of them and kindly hand returned them when we met up again )

All these words??? ...

Well, they are a brief attempt to show thanks and praise to kind souls along the way, to friends made and friendships celebrated and to new times ahead ... making lots more music ...

... and so on to? ... 

" Calling all Artists " ~ Ted Riederer 2012